Leading job site, caribbeanemployment.com has published new trends showing how the international labour shortage is benefitting Caribbean Healthcare Workers as employers in the US, UK Canada and other western countries are offering them lucrative opportunities to live and work abroad.

This new data comes as a new report by MPs in the UK has highlighted that the NHS is in the worst workforce crisis in its history, needing 12,000 hospital doctors and more than 50,000 nurses and midwives.

Nurses and healthcare workers across the Caribbean are increasingly being approached for international opportunities and they’re not the only employees leaving the region due to better job prospects. Thanks to the current labour climate in countries around the world, Caribbean workers are being approached for more opportunities overseas especially in the UK. Many employers are even offering attractive relocation packages, tempting Caribbean workers to move to countries such as the UK and US for these employment offers.

Of course, this phenomenon is not new. Throughout the years, dozens of Caribbean countries have formed partnerships with international governments in the United States, Canada, UK and elsewhere to attract skill labour from the region. Many of these western economies are now struggling with huge skill shortages and are focussing their recruitment efforts and offering attractive packages to entice skilled workers from the Caribbean to their countries.

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Joe Boll, CEO at Caribbean Employment, commented, “We manage thousands of international jobs which allows us to quickly see trends across the global recruitment market. The huge skill shortages across many western economies is forcing employers to focus their efforts on attracting international workers and this is being seen in abundance throughout the Caribbean.”