Switching Health Insurance

Reasons to Switch Health Insurance Provider 

Have you considered switching your health insurance? Did you know that you might be able to change your private health insurance before your renewal date? Here are the reasons why most people ask us to look over their medical insurance policies. They want to change their health insurance plan right away instead of waiting until it is time to renew.  



Insurance premiums can be reduced by switching health insurance provider  

It is not easy to compare different plans for health insurance. Most of the time, they are made up of different modules with benefits that can be added to or taken away from a basic level of coverage. So, it is very unlikely that two different insurance companies will offer coverage that is the same in every way. 

If the level of coverage is similar and it is still the right level of coverage for you given your situation, you may find that the policy offered by another insurer is cheaper than the one you are currently paying for. 

It is more important that you have adequate protection. No matter how appealing the lower premium may be, we will never advise you to switch to a policy that does not meet your minimum coverage requirements. 

Still, customers can cut their premiums by an average of 20% if they switch health insurance with us.

Then why don’t you ask us? We are happy to give you free advice. We will look over several policies for you. Check to see if we can suggest one that still gives you what you want but has lower premiums than the plan you currently have. 


There is a chance that a different policy offers better coverage 

Your life may have changed, and the health insurance you bought a few years ago may no longer be enough. The hard part is figuring out which benefits you are willing to give up, what parts of your policy you cannot change or remove, and what you can change or get rid of. 

We can talk about how much coverage you have now over the phone. Our Healthcare Consultants have a lot of knowledge about the policies we offer. 



Your insurance premiums are increasing 

There are many things that could cause your insurance company to raise your premiums, such as your age, health, claims history, and the cost of living in general. 

We cannot promise to find you a cheaper policy with the same amount of coverage, but we will do our best to do so. 

We can talk about the different options for the coverage that you currently have. We also have the option of reviewing various other policies to determine whether they are still suitable, but at a lower cost. 



It’s possible that for the same cost, you’ll receive more benefits. 

Different insurance companies offer different benefits. One company might offer you an app that helps you keep track of your activities, while another might give you an online dashboard that shows how your health is getting better. 

You might also think it’s more important to have coverage for alternative therapies than for dental care. 

Our experienced Healthcare Consultants are happy to talk you through the options for several different policies. 

What matters is that you have peace of mind, knowing that you have the right amount of coverage for your needs at the right price for your budget. 



You may have had a negative experience with your health insurance company 

Health insurers know that when you file a claim, you are no longer just a customer. You are now a patient. Even so, there is still a chance that things won’t go the way you expect. You might find it hard to file a claim, or your benefits might not be worth as much as you thought they would be. 

If you’ve decided you aren’t happy with your current health insurance company, please let us know. We’ll look over the coverage you have and find you alternative options. 

We may recommend that you stay with your current insurer based on your medical history or on the claims you’ve made in the past. But no matter what, we will always use our expertise to address all your concerns. 

Before considering other options, we will first pay attention to what has occurred and make sure we fully understand. 



Maintaining reliable health insurance is important 

In conclusion, the best way to make sure you are getting the most for your money is to review your health insurance policy often. Since every client has slightly different needs, we’ll ask you what’s most important to you before suggesting alternative options.

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