How does medical insurance function?

Your health insurance policy is an agreement, in which you agree to pay premiums and your insurer agrees, in exchange, to pay for certain medical procedures that are covered by the policy.


Set up a policy


Determine which of the available benefits are most applicable to your circumstances.

Discuss your options with a regulated advisor who is knowledgeable about various health insurance plans and can give you an accurate review of which plan would best suit your needs.

Every insurance plan begins with a fundamental, essential benefits package. Most health insurance policies allow you to add on additional services in exchange for a higher premium.

Therapies and services such as physiotherapy, psychiatry, home nurses, dental care, vision care, and other specialised therapies may fall into this category.


Begin paying your monthly premiums


The cost of your premium will vary depending on a variety of factors. Your age, the benefits you’d like, and the amount of excess you’re willing to pay will all be taken into consideration, along with your lifestyle, which includes your unique personal medical history.

Your policy’s supplemental health benefits are immediately available once premium payments have begun.

Tools for managing stress and common aches and pains, such as lifestyle trackers, free health tests, health videos, and even phone lines.

Receive medical care when needed


If you are experiencing symptoms of illness, you should consult a medical professional for assistance. That will most likely be a visit to your local GP, but it could also be done over the phone. Some insurance companies provide 24-hour customer service.

When it is clear that you require treatment, or if additional tests are required to make a firm diagnosis, you will be referred to a specialist for private medical care.

After determining whether or not the treatment qualifies for coverage, you can then begin the claims process.


365 days a year, you can have peace of mind


The private health insurance companies employ teams of people who are continuously reviewing patient care.

They want to make sure that you will receive treatment that is appropriate for your circumstances.

This may include treatment plans that include alternative therapies or medications that are not yet available on the National Health Service (NHS). In addition to that, it might consist of things like specialised aftercare and ongoing rehabilitation.

In every instance, the insurance provider will pay for appropriate medical care up to the approved limits.

Knowing that you can be seen where and when it is convenient for you provides a significant amount of peace of mind.

You will not be required to wait for an appointment. You will receive the necessary care.

Health insurance gives you more control over when, where, and by whom you are treated in private care facilities. You’ll

avoid any NHS wait times when seeing a specialist or getting a diagnosis.

Every policy will detail the private hospitals that you are permitted to visit, as well as the additional benefits and specialists that are available to you in addition to those hospitals.

In addition to this, we are able to ensure that you are receiving the greatest possible benefit from any policy that we have recommended to you should you decide to purchase one.

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