Policy disagreements over tax cuts and inflation between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are easy to fix, but what can’t be fixed is Liz Truss’s lack of moral compass. Liz Truss’s plan to take Britain on a borrowing spree and indulge in “a short-term sugar rush” to fix the economy at the cost of 7% increase in interests rates was already concerning, but she went a step further. During a televised BBC debate on Monday night from Stoke-on-Trent, Truss demonstrated the lack of political judgment and honesty Britain desperately needs after the reign of falsehood perpetrated by PM Boris Johnson. 

During the BBC political debate, Truss said she did not think Boris Johnson’s repeated misconduct was enough for her to resign and the Conservative Party to reject him. 

“I didn’t think the mistakes he made were sufficient that the Conservative Party should have rejected him,” said Truss, falling to speak the truth to the power for repeated lies Johnson told the nation. 

Lizz Truss is Johnson’s sycophant. She surrounded herself with his inner circle looking for a backdoor entry into the top job in government. 

In the debate, Sunak was blunt and consistent with the principle he resigned on. Unlike Truss, he dared to state that he would not want Johnson back in his government.

“For me, the simple answer is no, I think we need to look forward at this point. That’s why I want to be Prime Minister. I want to bring the change that this country needs.”

After the debate, the political commentary focused on Rishi Sunak, whether he interrupted Liz Truss and the price of his shoes and jacket. Media obsession with optics triggered by Nadine Dorries over the skills and the actual plan to lead Britain on the world stage may be a costly choice. Political pundits do not even know how much trouble their country is in, as they somehow quickly forgot why Boris Johnson lost the support of his Cabinet members and parliamentary party. He repeatedly broke the trust of his colleagues and the British people.

Prime Minister appointment of Chris Pincher to the position of the Deputy Chief Whip, accused of sexual harassment and then pretending he did not know anything about it “was the last straw” for many Conservative MPs who supported Johnson up to that moment. But not for Liz Truss. Watching Truss in the debate desperately trying to defend Johnson, incapable of speaking truth and distancing herself from his lies and misconduct, was sickening. 

Liz Truss is Boris Johnson’s stooge. A politician who lacks the courage to tell her Boss that enough was enough can’t be taken seriously to lead Britain. Truss is Boris Johnson’s apologist. His loyalist, still. A vote for Liz means the continuation of Boris Johnson, who, do not say you were not warned,  “does not want to resign” and continues to give ideas to the Tory membership how to keep him in power. 

People who wanted a clean slate and departure from the failed moral leadership of Johnson went with Rishi Sunak. Liz Truss is the extension of everything rotten in Johnson’s government. 

Enter competence. 

Liz Truss had many blunders as the Foreign Secretary. She even placed herself in a position to be mocked by Maria Zakharova, Russia’s foreign ministry spokesperson, for not knowing the difference between the Baltic and Black seas. To be a Prime Minster of Britain is to lead the country on the world stage. President Biden gets criticized all the time for his public speaking. Still, unlike Truss, he never makes factual mistakes while talking about politics, and no one could ever say that the American president is “ignorant.” Biden is always well prepared and knows domestic politics and global affairs. Liz does not.

The stakes are high for the country ravaged by the lack of trust in government, economic havoc, and the health system on the verge of collapse due to the NHS staffing crisis. With Rishi Sunak, the country at least has a fighting chance. With Liz Truss, for the UK, the only way is down.