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Family health insurance provides you and your loved ones with the peace of mind that you will receive timely diagnosis and treatment without the lengthy wait for NHS services. With this insurance, you can avoid the long waiting lists and quickly see a specialist for private treatment, helping you recover faster. If you want to learn more about family health insurance and explore different insurers and policies available in the UK, we can help you compare and find the best option for your family’s needs. 

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What is family health insurance? 

Family health insurance offers valuable support when you and your family require medical care. With this insurance, all identified family members receive coverage. Typically, children are covered until they turn 25, and some plans may provide coverage beyond this age if they are enrolled in full-time education. 

In case of injury or illness, family health insurance acts as private medical insurance (PMI), ensuring you and your family are protected through convenient monthly payments. Additionally, you might have the flexibility to choose your preferred hospital for treatment and schedule appointments to fit your busy family life. 


What is the cost of family health insurance? 

The cost of family health insurance depends on factors such as your postcode, age, and the coverage you choose. Family health insurance quotes start at £55 per month and can vary based on the options you select. 


How does family health insurance work? 

Family health insurance typically covers the expenses for treating acute illnesses that occur after your coverage begins. Opting for comprehensive insurance may come at a higher cost, but it offers a broader scope of coverage, giving you peace of mind. You have the option to include coverage for mental health issues, holistic therapies, sports injuries, as well as dental and optical treatments. The benefits you receive will depend on the specific policy you choose and your individual circumstances. 

In most standard policies, you can expect to find the following benefits: 

  • Overnight accommodation for a parent in the hospital if a child requires an overnight stay. 

  • Full coverage for cancer treatments. 

  • Access to private ambulance services. 

  • Nursing care at home. 

  • Dedicated specialist helplines and virtual GP services.

  • Even if your family is abroad, you can still use virtual GP consultations. 



What does family health insurance cover? 

It is important and natural to have a clear understanding of what your insurance covers, just like any other insurance policy. Our Family Health Insurance covers the cost of private medical treatment, tests, and surgeries if you or your family members fall ill or get injured during the policy’s duration. It is primarily designed to address acute conditions, which are typically curable and short-term in nature. 

You have the flexibility to customise the coverage to suit your family’s specific needs. Additionally, you can include additional options such as therapies, mental health services, dental and optical care, and even travel insurance. This way, you can tailor the insurance to precisely match your family’s requirements. 


Why should I get family health care insurance?

As one of the leading health insurance brokers in the UK, we understand the importance of your family’s health. Private healthcare complements the NHS services by offering additional benefits. Many people choose private health insurance to ensure their families are protected and to have more control over their medical treatment, especially considering the long waiting periods on the NHS. 

During emergencies, you would still need to go to an NHS A&E, but having private insurance can provide you with certain advantages, including: 

  • Reduced waiting time for medical attention. 
  • Faster diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Privacy and comfort with a private room, access to a phone, TV, local hospital facilities, and extended visiting hours. 

These advantages can make a significant difference in your family’s healthcare experience, ensuring prompt and efficient medical care when you need it most. 

What should I consider before taking out family health insurance? 

When selecting health insurance for your family, there are crucial factors to keep in mind to ensure their well-being: 

  • Affordability: Choose a plan that fits your budget and allows you to pay premiums monthly or annually. 

  • Preferred Hospitals: Check if the insurance covers specific private hospitals you prefer for your family’s medical care. 

  • Medical History and Exclusions: Review your family’s medical history and carefully understand any exclusions applied to the policy to avoid surprises later. 

  • Customisation: Ensure the policy aligns with your family’s needs, and if necessary, personalise it to suit your specific requirements. 

  • Coverage Limits: Learn about the coverage limits to ensure your family has sufficient protection when needed. 

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose a health insurance plan that provides the best possible care for your family’s health and well-being. 


Can you add family members to health insurance? 

You have the option to include your current partner and children from both your current and past relationships on your policy. Additionally, children under your guardianship or those you have adopted can also be added. Many insurers only charge for the first child, and any additional children are covered at no extra cost. 

To be eligible for inclusion, all family members need to live at the same address. If they reside at a different address, you might need to set up a separate policy. For any guidance or advice on this matter, My Health Protected can assist you. 


Do I have to be married to add my partner to my Family Health Insurance? 

You have the option to include your partner in the policy if both of you live at the same address. Being married is not a requirement, and the policy can cover same-sex partners as well. Additionally, children of either partner can also be included in the coverage. 

How to choose affordable family health insurance 

The ideal health insurance cover should be affordable and provide comprehensive coverage for all the diagnoses and treatments your family may require. Here are some essential points to consider: 

  • Review Your Options: Even if you are satisfied with your current plan, it’s crucial to check if there are better deals available. Each year, changes can occur that may impact the plans offered and their premiums. 

  • Compare Yearly Costs and Monthly Premiums: While the monthly premium is important, it’s essential to look at the overall yearly costs as well. Don’t overlook details such as coverage limits, excess amounts, and potential no claims discounts. 

  • Seek Professional Assistance: use the services of a specialist broker, such as My Health Protected. Their experts can provide you with various quotes, explain the benefits of different policies, and help you choose the best one that suits your family’s needs. 

By considering these points and seeking professional advice, you can make an informed decision and find the most suitable health insurance policy for your family’s well-being. 

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